Converting Data and Images
data conversion
imaging overview

There’s no need to worry if your current system is outdated or obsolete. Our skilled data conversion team will transfer the information in your current system to your new software quickly and easily. In fact, we’ve converted data from over 200 different systems – some probably identical to the one you’re using now.

Patterson Eaglesoft benefits everyone – you, your staff and your patients. In fact, it may be one of your most important tools for providing quality patient care. Patterson Eaglesoft greatly increases your productivity so you can spend more time treating current patients and serving new ones.

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Image Conversions

As more and more dental practices acquire digital images, transferring those images to a new software system becomes an important consideration. With Patterson Eaglesoft Image Conversion, digital images from your existing system can be converted into your new Patterson Eaglesoft software and attached to the patient record. Ask your Patterson technology advisor for details about which types of digital images can be converted to Patterson Eaglesoft.

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