Save time and stop making countless appointment reminder phone calls when you put Eaglesoft's eReminders to work for you. The ultra-convenient service uses outbound messaging through phone calls, emails and/or text messages to remind patients about upcoming appointments. Reduce your number of no-shows with eReminders, which allows patients to confirm their appointment; automatically updates the status of scheduled appointments; displays transaction details instantly in the online center; and allows you to choose your reminder timeframe.

  • Reduce your number of no-shows
  • Automatically update the status of scheduled appointments
  • Allow patients to confirm their appointment
  • Choose your reminder timeframe (days in advance of appointment)
  • Display transaction details instantly in the online center
Base Plan Plan 1 Plan 2 Plan 3 Plan 4 Plan 5
Calls 300 600 1000 1500 2000 3000
Cost $80/mo $120/mo $180/mo $230/mo $280/mo $380/mo
* any call over the plan allowance will be charged $0.20 per call

Cost Analysis

Office Calling
Using eReminders
Your Office
Number of patients called each month to remind them of their upcoming appointment?
Number of minutes per call
Average hourly wage of the office staff ($)
Total Cost Per Month ($)
Total Savings PerMonth ($)
Total Savings Annually ($)

Sample Message

To receive sample appointment reminders via phone call, email and/or text message complete steps 1 through 5. If assistance is needed or if you have additional questions please contact our eService Sales at 800-294-8504.

1. Enter in your first and last name.
2. Enter in your email address to receive an email reminder
3. Enter in your office Phone number to receive a phone call reminder
4. Enter in your cell phone number to receive a text message reminder
5. Once you have entered in all necessary information click on Submit Request

Shortly after submitting your request you will receive the sample messages

First Name:
Email Address:
Office Phone Number:
(Enter 10 digit number with no spaces or characters)
Cell Phone Number:
(Enter 10 digit number with no spaces or characters)
Cell Phone Provider:
(Enter Sprint, ATT, TMOBILE, VERIZON, etc)
If you are receiving a phone call, simply say "hello" and wait for the system to respond

For more information please visit the Explore Store or call 800-294-8504.